Living Nosodes of Dr. Roberto Costa
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Living Nosodes of Dr. Roberto Costa

What are Nosodes?

Nosodes are remedies prepared with pathological products, either vegetable or animal. Traditionally, they are prepared with dead microorganisms, e.g. dead bacteria.

Dr. Roberto Costa began investigating the action of theses nosodes but preparing them with living cultures of microorganisms. He potentizes them homeopathically, in decimal dynamizations. The results with these living nosodes have been far more consistent than with the "dead" ones, probably because they carry with them some kind of memory of their action on the human organism. This technique looks for preserving the human body's memory facing the reactions induced by the microorganisms' integral presence, without any kind of lysis that could masquerade the conditions of the natural process of the infectious disease. So he tried to imunologically induct the same specificity and competency of the body's natural response when it's facing an infectious disease.

The remedies are chosen based on the patient's infectious history. For instance, a patient with chronic renal infection caused by Escherichia coli will be prescribe Escheria coli. They're not prescribed based on pathogenesis like all other homeopathic medicines.

The living nosodes are the most powerful resources to treat chronic or recurrent infections, allergies, and other diseases such as migraine, dermatitis, etc.

How to prescribe the Living Nosodes?

A scheme for their prescription:

Two examples of prescrition

For recurrent infectious disease

A patient with repetitive cystitis, mainly caused by Proteus mirabillis:

  1. Medorrhinum 200CH - 4 envelopes, to be taken one at each Sunday (not taking any of the other remedies on Sundays). (The miasmatic nosode is prescribed in accordance to the patient's past history and family history. Sycosis is usually(but not always) the diathesis involved in urinary disturbances.
  2. Proteus D30 -120 tablets, to be taken 5 tablets every morning, except on Sundays. (The following potencies should be D120, D210, D300, D390, D480, D570, D660, D750, D840, D930, D1020).
  3. Sarsaparilla 3CH (or any other remedy with affinity for the urinary tract, notice that it's only an example). To be taken 2 tablets 3 times a day, except on Sundays.
  4. The similimum remedy in 30CH (or 5LM), 10 drops every night except on Sundays. (If you choose LM potencies, you can increase one potency each month, so the next should be 6LM, and so on).

For allergic disease

A patient with asthma

  1. T.K. 200CH - 4 envelopes (usually but not always Tuberculinism is the most common diathesis involved in bronchial asthma)
  2. Histaminum D1020 - 120 tablets. To be taken 5 tablets every morning except on Sundays. Histamine is the main mediator involved in allergic diseases. You should also use the allergenic substances involved in the patient's disease (e.g. Dust and Respiratory Germs, Chalk, Cow's Milk, etc.) In allergies the living nosode is prescribed in descending potencies, so the next prescriptions should be D930, D840, D750, D660, D570, D480, D390, D300, D210, D120, D30.
  3. Phleum pratense 6CH, to be taken 2 tablets 3 times a day, except on Sundays. This is an example, there are a lot of other remedies showing asthmatic symptoms in their pathogenesis.
  4. The similimum remedy in 30CH or 5LM, to be taken 5 tablets every night except on Sundays.

Can nosodes be used as vaccines?

In 1975, there was an epidemic of Meningococcal meningitis in Brasil. Many people died, and the press couldn't write a word about that, because we were living under a dictatorship.

A group of Homeopathic Doctors in Ribeirão Preto, one of the most important cities in São Paulo State, prescribed Meningococcus D30 to all their clients for one month, in an attempt of elliciting in them an immunological response such as a vaccine. None of these clients acquired meningitis.

There have been many more clinical investigations and the results are often successful. If you find references in literature, please email me, so we can show more examples here, to increase the number of people using this revolituonary method of curing very serious diseases.

Living Nosodes for Infectious Diseases

Living Nosodes for Allergic Diseases

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