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This site was designed to facilitate homeopathic studies for beginners. It's made of short texts about specific themes on Homeopathy, and links to more specific items. Marcelo Guerra created it on October 10, 1997. Your participation is welcomed and expected. Let's make this our meeting place in Web. The program is based upon reading some books and articles and discussing them. You can email me or contact me through ICQ (UIN 3844657), for suggestions or changing points of view.

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Materia Medica (in a practical way)


Acidum phosphoricum

Cocculus indicus

Ferrum metallicum

Living Nosodes of Dr. Roberto Costa

Doctor Roberto Costa was one of the greatest Homeopathic Doctors in Brasil, if not the greatest. Certainly he was the most creative, and discovered a very consistent use for the nosodes. The so-called "Classical Homeopaths" may have objections to his work, claiming that it's not Homeopathy but Isopathy. Strictly speaking that's right to say, but his patients and his fellow's patients can show some very important improvement in their health, that Hahnemann himself would be glad to know Dr. Roberto Costa (maybe he does know him). For his practice was totally in accordance to the 1st and most important aphorism in the Organon: our main task is to cure, really cure, our patients. To know more about the Living Nosodes go to the next link.

Living Nosodes

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