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Ferrum metallicum

It's used for anaemia with paleness in face alternating with sudden flushes of blood caused by emotion or movement. Ringing in ears. Hammering headache. Prostration and emaciation. Better by movement. Profuse haemorrhages from any organ. It causes a "pseudo-plethora", a state in which the patient presents symptoms of blood congestion such as the pulsating headache, the flush of blood to the face, the ringing in ears, epistaxys, etc; however being anaemic. It causes local congestion, with cold extremities and hot face.

The modality of alleviating by the movement can be seen in cases of heart palpitations, haemoptysis or asthma that ameliorates while walking slowly. Also for neuralgia and rheumatic pains.

It causes an alternation between canine hunger and complete loss of appetite (especially for meat). Curiously, he can present aversion to meat and eggs. Desires butter, bread, raw vegetables and acid foods. Diarrhoea with undigested stools, flush of blood to face, prostration and exhausting sweat (worse during or after eating). Sensation of fullness in stomach after meals. Vomits soon after eating, without nausea.

Amenorrhoea or profuse menstruation, with pale, aqueous blood, debilitating, long lasting. Tendency to abortion.

Iron can be used in crude doses for anaemia without circulatory erethism. It can be used in low potencies (e.g. 3CH) for this purpose too. The medium potencies like 6CH to 12CH or the high ones 30CH to 60CH are more adapted to anaemia with circulatory erethism. And the very high potencies like 200CH or 1M are useful to the circulatory disturbances with erethism and localised congestive symptoms, chronic or subacute, without marked anaemia.

Ferrum patients are melancholic, desire solitude and have a weak memory. Hypersensitive to noises, to emotions.

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